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Remodeling of kitchens is one category that Fort Myers deal in. we are contractors who are not only licensed but also have a good track record of the good work done by our agents. We do complete kitchen renovations for our customers and we assure you that we provide quality products and work. We have a legacy of good work from our recent customers who partnered with us to remodel their houses. Our kitchen remodeling services include:

    • Kitchen cabinet remodeling, designing and refinishing
    • Kitchen countertops and surfaces which are luxurious
    • Kitchen backsplash panelling kitchen tiles and stones kitchen sink fixtures and faucets
    • Kitchen doors and windows remodeling
    • We deal in kitchen lighting
    • We deal in both commercial and tradition kitchen remodeling
    • Kitchen painting
  • We also deal in kitchen appliances

In kitchen remodeling, we concentrate mostly on restaurant kitchen remodeling. For your restaurant kitchen activities to be smooth and flexible, a correct kitchen design is preferred for smooth running of activities and free movement of chefs. Our services in restaurant kitchen remodeling are mostly best on the visualized trends and designs that are in the market.in most cases, the restaurant kitchen design of your choice, especially for a restaurant, depends on the size of the restaurant, space available, affordability, the economy and other important factors (kitchen remodeler fort myers).

Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Restaurant Kitchen Design

Energy consumption. When setting up a restaurant, you need to consider the energy to be used during cooking. Therefore, one must choose a design that will reduce the cost of energy that is being used.

Size. Size is also an important aspect to consider when selecting your restaurant kitchen design. You should choose a kitchen design for your restaurant that is reasonable to the size of your restaurant space. Therefore, you can’t choose a kitchen size that is larger than the size of your restaurant. Therefore, the ratios in this case really matter a lot.

How safe the design really is.For your kitchen equipment’s and tools, use kitchen tools and equipment’s that are safe and that that your chef can work well with .the cabinets must be fixed strongly to avoid accidents, the tiles used should be appropriate for cooking working environment, kitchen sinks should be well fixed and countertops should be suitable for a kitchen restaurant working environment.

Flexibility. Ensure that your kitchen can adhere to the needs and the market trends.

Aeration. You should choose a restaurant kitchen design that has good aeration .this is to mean that, choose a design that will not suffocate your chefs and clients.

Ease of use. Allow your restaurant kitchen to have equipment and designs that won’t give your workers and chef a hard time to operate .it is also supposed to be easy to operate in the preferred kitchen environment. For example, cleaning should not give your chefs a hard time because of the design that you chose.

The Restaurant Kitchen Designs That We Encourage At Fort Myers

In Fort Myers remodeling contractors, we provide kitchen designs that are suitable for both modern and traditional restaurant. We offer good quality options and free reliable advice that will enable you as our customer to make a good and quality choice of a kitchen design for your restaurant. The designs that we advocate for as Fort Myers remodeling team therefore include:

The line restaurant kitchen design

This is a type of kitchen design that is suitable for restaurants that really do not need so many utensils. Therefore, if you decide to put up a line restaurant kitchen design, it will mean that your restaurant will specialize in fast moving food and food that don’t really require a client to eat on the stop. This means that if a client is served, they can simply collect the food and eat later at their homes. The restaurant, however, should set aside a small place where clients who need to eat immediately should sit. The foodstuff in this kind of restaurants includes first moving food such as sandwich, fries and pizza among others (home remodeler fort myers).

The island kitchen style

This is a type of restaurant kitchen design that is suitable for bigger restaurants. This kind of restaurant kitchen design clearly states where an activity or a task should be done.in the island kitchen style, the middle section is used for cooking and the sides of the kitchen are used for washing and cutting. This kind of arrangement gives the chef an easy time and avoid confusion and accidents that might because in a disorganized design system.

Central kitchen design system

At Fort Myers, we have in mind a central kitchen design for you. This kind of restaurant design is common in a restaurant that has limited space. In central kitchen design, all the activities including the cooking cutting and cleaning are both done in one central place. Therefore, the central place is fitted with tables and kitchen countertops and surfaces that have kitchen equipment such as knives, spoons and other utensils.

What Kitchen Equipment Do Fort Mayers Provide?

At Fort Myers, we provide kitchen equipment’s that best suits your need .what you need to do is just choose the equipment and a kitchen design that will suit your needs and preferences. Therefore, choose a kitchen equipment for your restaurant that looks more official. This means the equipment should clearly show the seriousness and the commitment of the restaurant to serving its clients. For Fort Myers, we provide the following equipment for remodeling:

    • Kitchen sinks
    • Custom cabinetry
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Kitchen spice drawers
  • Charging stations

We offer modern and luxurious restaurant kitchen designs that fit all restaurants. This means that you do not have to worry because any equipment and design that you will need for your restaurant kitchen, will be available at your doorstep.

In your kitchen floor, we recommend the use of a variety of floor types. The available and best floors that we recommend for any restaurant include the ceramic, porcelain, travertine, marble, limestone, pavers, slate, wood, coral stone, coquina tile, Mexican shell stone, Mexican tile and stone floors.

At Fort Myers, we recommend the following type of windows and doors for you: casements, single hung, gliders and high impact glasses for places that require glasses. We also provide door materials that are waterproof hence long lasting (bath remodeler fort myers).

For your countertops and surface, Fort Myers provides the following materials that will well suit your restaurant: marble, Corian, quartz, glass, tile, granite, Cambria, Caesar stone and Pompeii.

We also have best kitchen cabinets designs with features such as teddy wood, Marilla masterpiece marsh furniture, custom cabinets, solid wood construction material, dovetail to stainless steel drawers, soft-close features, exotic veneers and high gloss finishes.

We will finally make your kitchen outdoor to last longer and outshine your expectations.by this I mean the doors will have louvres, shaker, slab and it will be 100% waterproof.

All you need to do as a client is choose what you want, have faith and your restaurant will be right to the preferred shape style and design.

2. Remodeling Of Bathroom

Another category of remodeling that we do is the remodeling of bathrooms.at Fort Myers remodeling contractors, we provide remodeling and renewal of your bathroom. Therefore, we offer remodeling contractors who are specialized and are high professionals. We have testimonies and work trace legacy of what we can do to your bathroom. Believe me, the outcome will be amazing.

    • Our bathroom full remodeling services include:
    • Shower remodeling
    • Tub and shower installation
    • Tub and shower conversion
    • Small bathroom remodel
    • Bathroom remodeling contractors
    • Shower door and enclosures
    • Bathroom cabinets
    • Jacuzzi and spa tubs
  • Bath wall surrounds

Fort Myers will provide you with the best bathroom remodeling contractors whenever you need one .we to remodel both small bathroom remodeling and largely sized bathroom remodeling.in the remodeling of a small bathroom, we advise you not to consider installing a tub in the bathroom this is because, if a tub is installed in a small bathroom, it may occupy a lot of space which might not be available in the first place. Tubs and cabinets are mostly recommended to bathrooms with enough space for installation. Before considering remodeling your bathroom, there are factors that you must consider for you to make a good choice on what your bathroom should look like. One must consider the available space for the remodeling, second, the quality of the tub, the safety, flexibility, need, general appearance accessibility, reliability and the type of remodeling.

Therefore, Fort Myers provides you with qualified contractors who will give you advice on the type of remodel that best suits you and leave you to make the end choice.

We provide bathroom cabinet renovation that is of high quality and of good material. The wood used is strong, durable and waterproof. You can choose a cabinet of your choice and choose the material that you prefer, but first, we will give you free advice on the best designs according to your bathroom structure, size and location. Cabinets are highly recommended for bathrooms that have enough space

Our remodeling contractors also provide tub and shower installation for you. We have best tubs and showers just for you, for example, we have spa tubs and Jacuzzi tubs that are of high-quality .tubs are only necessary if your bathroom is large with enough space otherwise, a shower is preferred to rooms that are of little space. We also provide walk-in tubs for renovations.

We provide shower doors and enclosures. The shower doors that Fort Myers provide are long lasting this is because we ensure that we provide waterproof doors hence, they cannot be spoiled or get damaged easily for being in contact with water all the time.

The shower wall surrounds might be fitted with tiles or other preferences such as glass for modesty or even to prevent the wall from being in contact with water (fort myers home renovation).

At Fort Myers, we provide all remodeling services as requested by our clients. You don’t need to worry, just describe what you what and need and all will be provided to you as quickly as possible. Our services are as quick as possible and reliable.

How Myers Home Remodeling Operates

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Select the service that matches the innovation or improvement that you need. We will then question you in order to find you the best contractor according to your description.


You will be given information on the contractor who is specialized in the task described. The information on contractors given will be about those who match the task and are available at that time and moment

Step 3

After your request and stated preferences, we will contact you to discuss the terms of your home remodeling or you can choose to contact us by yourself for the partnership and the start of remodeling.