Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

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Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing the drawers, hinges, knobs, doors, glides, and drawer fronts and then having a veneer applied to the exterior parts of each cabinet.   This task s essential as I gives you the chance to have your   entire cabinets installed be it in the kitchen or bathroom without necessarily   removing the entire cabinet.  Cabinet refacing will save you a lot of your time, labor and money. Due to its immaculate benefits, refacing has become more popular.

 At some point in time, you will discover that most homeowners will face major renovations. And usually these renovations will include the bathroom and kitchen the most used places in the home.  When addressing the kitchen or bathroom remodeling, one of the things you need to address effectively is the cabinetry.

  Think of whether you need tearing the whole cabinet and having it replaced. This could be that costly and when you have unlimited budget, then you can consider going the custom cabinet way to get the cabinets of your dream.  However, for most homeowners, the ideal process to use to ensure that you are saving money on the renovation is cabinet refacing.

When cabinet refacing is done and completed properly by experts like Fort Myers Home Remodeling Team then no one could tell whether it is the old cabinetry .there exist so many different options in the market when it comes to dealing with cabinet finishes and styles. Therefore, making a decision on which of the options to rely on can be that tough.

 Cabinet refacing process is that simple enough. Therefore, after making a decision on the right   doors you need and making your purchase, you can perform this task on your own with little skills.  However, when you consider also hiring the home remodeling team to deal with your cabinets, then the costs are still affordable and you will get the best results ever.


Advantages of cabinet refacing

Numerous Finishing Options

Refacing gives you the opportunity of making a choice from the various colors and styles to have your cabinets refaced. You can choose altering the look and grain of your cabinets by making a choice of the different finishes and woods we have. Also, you can choose adding new molding or having extra cabinets if you need more space for storage.

Prevents Waste

 When you have the old outdated cabinets in your home, there is no need of having them remove. Rather, you can choose refacing them to give them that elegant rand new look .The only part that could remain old is the inside of the cabinet  where you could even choose painting with different shades of colors.

Less Complicated

Cabinet replacement is a very large task that will always take a number of days to have it completed. When you need performing this, then you have to change your schedule and come up with a plan that will ensure the task is done right. On the other hand, instead of the replacements, you can choose having the cabinets refaced with the correct refacing expert handling the task.

Provides an Eco-friendly Alternative

 Most of the cabinets are made of the formaldehyde materials which when it ends up to the landfills, is very hazardous.  Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you can consider cabinet refacing.  Most of the refacing contractors will make sure they use the recycled materials such as the drawers, cabinet doors and hinges.  Refacing is a green option as also it aids preventing the unnecessary cutting of trees to make new cabinets.

Very Economical

When you consider having your cabinets refaced, then you can be sure of spending   about 50% less than you will use having the cabinets replaced with new ones.  Whether you choose refacing your kitchen, bathroom or any room in the house, refacing will save you lots of money.  In the case you are tired of that old outdated look that your cabinets have, you can chose refacing them. This will give your cabinetry a brand new look within your budget.

What is 10+12?


When you need upgrading your home especially the rooms with cabinets, then cabinet refacing is the ideal and most economical way to do this.  With the right refacing contractors, you can get the job completed much faster   and in the long run have kitchen or bathroom that can fully customize your needs.

 When you choose refacing your cabinets, this will not only save your money and time, you will be guaranteed also of adding more styles and themes to your cabinets. This process is environmentally friendly and less complicated.

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What is 10+12?