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The Cape Coral city is located in the South Western region of Florida. It is a city that is widely known for its canals. The City is situated in the Lee County of Florida, US, on the Gulf of Mexico. This city was founded and developed as a planned community in 1957. By 2010, the population of the town had grown to 154,305. In 2013, the population estimate of the city was 165,831 and this grew to 189,343 in 2018.

The total area coverage of Cape Coral is 310 kilometer square which equates to 120 square miles. It remains to be the largest city between Miami and Tampa. Also, it is a principal city in the Metropolitan statistical area of Fort Myers, Florida. The estimated population for this statistical area was standing at 679,513 way back in 2014. Most people refer to this city as ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ and has more than 4400 mi or 640 km of navigable.

The city is home to manatees, Sirenia Vista Park with kayak routes to the Matlacha pass Aquatic Preserve. Birds wade amid the mangroves in this place. The community Park comes with a beach and pier on River Caloosahatchee. On the northern side, there are four Cove Ecological Preserve that attracts ibis and herons.

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