Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling

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What is 10+12?


When you chose going green when it comes to remodeling your homes, then you ill discover that this will save you a lot of money.  When you think of the benefits that you get from this eco-friendly remodeling tips be it to the environment as well as money, this gives you a reason to use this tips.

 There is normally a big difference between being eco-friendly and cost efficient.  When you try saving money purchasing the cheaper products made from the cheap product in the market, then you can always feel the impact in the long run.  sometimes, just giving a change to the way  we live by incorporating some environmental friendly  techniques , can be more costly as compared to the  regular products but in the long run,  this will help  saving you from the  various home expenses.

 Here are some of the ways you can consider going green.  However, you need getting aid from Fort Myers Home Remodeling Team to ensure you are getting the best from each facility. This experts will not only have the various features installed, they will also make sure they use the environmental friendly materials for your facilities.

  • Eco-friendly heating

 Instead of just using the geysers or the regular heaters, consider trying the solar heating. The solar heaters use the natural sunlight for heating and the fact is it will not consume any electricity. Having solar panels for your homes electricity will help the reduction of the huge electricity bills for your house.  Although costly investments, solar panels in the long run are worth.

  • Eco-friendly kitchen

 When you are remodeling your kitchen, you can easily have it remodeled to a more eco-friendly one by switching to the use of appliances that are energy efficient.   You can choose using the more energy efficient methods to produce water for dishwashers.  You ca also choose inducting the cooktops as this do not use the natural gas.

 When you need doing some flooring and walls that are efficient, you can make your floors from the natural stones, bamboo, or recycled glass tiles. You can also switch to the use of the natural stones for the counter tops.  This will not just make your kitchen look good but also the facilities here will be of low maintenance as well.

  • Eco-friendly paints

The kind of paint you consider using in your house during remodeling should be that that uses only the volatile organic compounds.  Paints that are non-VOC are very unhealthy to both the environment and people in the house.


  • Eco-friendly lights

 When it comes to running businesses and homes. Lighting is a crucial art that you can never have overlooked.  Most of the businesses and homes have turned into using the compact fluorescent lighting systems.  These types of bulbs however costly, they will save you a lot of money and resources over time.  This bulbs can last ten times longer than the regular bulbs consuming 75% less energy.

  • Eco-friendly bathroom

The bathroom being the most visited place in your home by everyone, it is the greatest consumer of   ton of water.  this water gets wasted each day .however, you can help reduce the amount of water  being uses here by installing the more  efficient water systems  in the toilets, shower heads and faucets.

Think of installing a dual setting flush for your toilets, this will give you the chance to flush only the required amount of water.  More so, there are more eco-friendly and go green materials you can also use in the bathroom.  You can use the bamboo in making the shelves, cabinets and drawers or even consider the natural flooring to replace the man made floors. 

  • Eco-friendly flooring

 During renovations of the home, you can consider switching your floors to something more   eco-friendly.  You can switch to using the natural stones or the bamboo as they are natural with no emissions of the dangerous vapors.

What is 10+12?


 Most of the homes are now changing to the use of the more eco-friendly remodels.  This has enabled them to be able to make the maximum use of the natural resources that are in abundance in the most effective way. Through this eco-friendly remodels, this has really contributed to the environment as well as the ecosystem.

From the use of bamboos, solar panels, recycled glass tiles, this have really improved the quality of life. Therefore, as a home or property owner, do not be left behind. Choose going green and you will be sure of getting the best returns in the longrun worth your investment.

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What is 10+12?