Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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When you think embarking on kitchen cabinet refinishing, consider carrying out some steps to ensure you are having a   refinishing procedure that is well planned.  First, you need to consider on how much you wish having your kitchen cabinets refinished. There entails so many possible ways you could choose from such as staining, painting or vanishing your cabinets.

 Most of the time, the choices will always depend on the look you wish your kitchen displaying.  However, remember that not all stains will be that perfect therefore, make your decisions wisely.  Just like the case you are blending your dark mahogany wood with a light fine finish, these two will never blend.

The next thing you need ding is gathering all the necessities needed for your kitchen cabinet refinishing. Since you already made a decision on which type of refinishing you need, then it’s easy to collect all the materials you will need to handle the task.  You will need things such as the finishing agent, paint, tack cloth, sandpaper, quality paint brushes, primer,   and degreaser.

 When you only need refinishing the fronts, you can consider binging them down by removing the hinges and unscrewing the screws.  You can then embark on you kitchen cabinet refinishing task.  When performing this task, you need to make sure that the area is not dusty to avoid the dust remaining on the surfaces upon drying.

When these cabinets dry, you can consider cleaning them as they are covered with grease and grime.  This need being removed properly before f having them finished.  A good greaser needs being have help.  More so, you will need scrubbing hard to make sure you are cleaning any previous layers of paints or varnish.  When oil paint is used over latex, this could good but vice versa causes peelings.

Therefore, when you consider using latex, you need to remove completely all the original oil paints.  when I comes to dealing with this task , you can consider getting the aid  from  professionals  like  Fort Myers Home Remodeling Team  as they are conversant with the  chemical products  used in removing the old finish.

 Additionally, when it comes to kitchen cabinet refurbishment, another aspect to consider is sanding.  This is an important aspect needed to smoothen the cabinets. Ensure that you are using medium sandpaper and evenly sand the cabinets.  Before you can embark on your painting, make sure that your cabinets have a smooth and clean surface.


 Easy Tips to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

 Since   there are changing styles and trends nowadays, our kitchens can be that outdated faster.  This can lead to you embarking on full kitchen remodelling which could be much costly.  Therefore, when this budget is not within your reach you can consider dong some kitchen renovations like refinishing the cabinets.

 Preparing the cabinets

 When it comes to doing this, this will commence by unhinging the cabinets and laying them down on surfaces that are flat.  After unhinging these cabinets, then you can have them cleaned as you desire using light cleaning solutions.  This transformation does not need any sanding or stripping, all you need is jut modest clean surfaces where you can apply the refinishing paints.

Applying the refinishing paint

 When it comes to applying the refinishing paints, there are three different steps that you can consider. First, is the bond coat that bends well to the wood of the cabinet?  Second, is the decorative glaze, although that optional, it makes the kitchen cabinets to stand out by giving them that look that is amazing? 

Usually the top coating is what helps in the protection of the paint layers from chipping. When applying all these coatings’, ensure you are that careful as all you need is having a perfect smooth finish.  Consider experts since when done wrong, you can feel the impact in the overall results.

Replacing the cabinets

 Upon the application of the painting coating, you need to let the cabinets drying fully. After drying, you can have them properly hanged back on their hinges.  When you have completed all these tasks, then you can enjoy the transformation that you will have done with your kitchen.

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  Kitchen cabinet refinishing is essential when it comes to giving life to you old outdated kitchen.  However, when you carry out the process in the wrong manner, this could be one great nightmare. Always consider getting the aid of professionals to have the kitchen cabinets of your dream, since cabinet transformation kits come of all sizes, types, and different colors.  

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