Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

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One of the most important areas in our homes is the kitchen. This have turned into being gathering points for most families and friends and thus designing them to provide you with the maximum efficiency and comfort is ideal.  When your current kitchen is not pleasing at all, then you can consider redesigning it.

Although most forgotten by most homeowners, kitchen lighting will help giving you the kitchen of your dream.  When you think of using the right kitchen lighting, it is important fist to determine the atmosphere you wish your kitchen having.   Kitchen lightings come in various varieties, therefore it is important knowing what you are looking for.

 When you begin making your search and do not know what you are looking for, the fact is that you may be confused ending up with something you never wished.  In the article, we are going to describe briefly about the types of kitchen lighting you can consider looking at during the search.

  • General lighting

 The ceiling lights are   the most popular kitchen lighting fixtures.  In the past years, this kind of lighting was the one and only kind of lights people had in their kitchens. The best thing about these ceiling lighting is that they are the most affordable lighting available.  When you think of resigning your kitchen under budget, then this kind of lights could be the best for you.

Another option that you can consider is the hanging lights.  This come especially in two different types, the pendants and the chandeliers.   When you consider using the Chandeliers on your kitchen, this give it that expensive and elegant look. The pendants usually hang down mostly from the ceiling.

Therefore, before coming up with a final decision on the king of lighting that you need, you need to consider the type of atmosphere you need.  Ensure that the lighting you choose blends with your kitchen themes.  These lighting generally are referred to as the general lighting.

  • Task Lighting

When you only have the general lighting in your kitchen, then it is easier identifying where the task lighting is needed.   Look around the kitchen and determine the places that have the any dark surfaces in the kitchen. Task lighting enhance the functionality of your kitchen in a great way.

After determining this places, you can then choose having the task lighting there. When you have the island kitchen, you can consider using the pendant lights above it to serve you as the task light.  Task light ads to the kitchen brightness and thus should always be targeted.

  • Accent lighting

  This are the best lighting systems for you or kitchen as they will help in determining the mood of the kitchen.  They provide all the non –directional and soft light.  You can have this lights installed inside cabinets. If you need adding some fizz to your kitchen, consider having the dim lights installed under the toe-kick. This will give you great accent lighting making your cabinets seem as they float.

  • Light control

 When you are changing the kitchen lighting system, ensure that you are having enough switches in the right places.  Do not just place one switch to turn on and off all the lighting systems. Since you are not always in the kitchen cooking all the time, you need having different lights on at different times.

Therefore, when you consider Fort Myers Home Remodeling Team installing the different lighting systems, make sure that they install switches for every type of kitchen lighting. One of the accent, one for the task and one for the general. 

 When you own an average sized kitchen, then there is no need of putting more than 4-5 switches.  The best thing to do however, is thinking through what you like doing in the kitchen and the kind of lighting that in needed for the activities.  You can have them grouped together and assigning a switch for it.

Also, always consider using different types of switches in your kitchen. You will realize that the dimmer switches are a better choice over the standard switches.  When you install the dimmer lights, this will give you a more far control over your kitchen lighting.  This also aid in keeping the number of switches down, since you can vary lights more in this way.

What is 10+12?


When you own a kitchen, these are just a few simple tips you can use when searching for s kitchen lighting.  One thing to remind yourself at all times is to determine the kind of atmosphere you need your kitchen having.

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What is 10+12?